Tips on Organizing Your Papercrafting "Kalats"

Just this weekend, I had the chance to join a contest on facebook. It is The Yellow Violet House’s Tips on organizing your papercrafting “kalats”.

Being a paper crafter and scrap booker, I admit that “kalats” are part of the job. But since my bedroom is also my craft room, I keep on finding ways on how to reduce the mess I always make when doing a project. I was trained and raised to keep my room clean and tidy. I get easily irritated if my room is not in order :) and since I make kalat almost everyday, it became a challenge for me to maintain the orderliness of my room while doing some crafts and projects.

Going back the contest, I was lucky to be chosen as one of the winners ;-) although I only got the consolation prize, it is still a big privilege for me. I posted only three entries, and one of them got Ate Sabe’s thumbs up sign! (Ate Sabe is the owner of The Yellow Violet House)

This is my winning entry:
I didn’t imagine that this tip will win, because this particular organization tip is so practical and is being practiced already by many crafters.

Here are my other two entries: 

And here are the rest of my organization tips.

The idea of this ribbon organizer came from a fellow crafter. She used “paso” or flower pot for this project. Instead of a pot, I just used a big coffee mug since I have fewer ribbons than her. Her idea sells like hotcake and is so practical that she won second place (Congrats!)

What’s my prize??? I got myself a 13x13 Craft Keepers Paper Storage! 
13 x 13 Craft Keepers Paper Organizer
I’ve been looking for something wherein I could stash my 12x12 papers and cardstocks. Good thing TYVH has this stuff and gave it as their prize. This is not available in our local bookstores. I was actually eyeing for the 13x13 7-pocket Paper Organizer which is the prize for 2nd placer. Ate Sabe is so kind that she allowed me to purchase one from their shop! Thank you so much Ate Sabe (short for Isabel) for being so kind and generous!
7-pocket Organizer
Still with organization…I’d like to share this altered shelf that I made just hours after I posted and joined TYVH contest…this is an old and frail television divider. It was just sitting in my sister’s room, neglected and ready to be disposed anytime. I was initially looking for a table that I can use as my storage space and/or work table. My brother suggested this shelf and I began thinking how I can modify it to make it look new. I wanted it to look brilliant and girly (its original color is black). I checked my stuffs and gather some materials and began “working”. After a few hours of altering, the old TV shelf was transformed into a new storage shelf.
My altered shelf
I would love to see how you organize your stuffs... How do you maintain the orderliness of your crafts room? Add me on facebook and lets swap some ideas :)

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